Aktivator Microsoft office 2010

How to Use the Activator :
The activator is based on ZWT KMS-Keygen.
KMS-Keygen is installed as Windows Service, not too much memory used,
around 2 mb of RAM.
Code generated by KMS-Keygen is not always valid, that’s why sometimes activation may fail.
In this case just repeat activation request. This is KMS-Keygen problem, but not the the activator fault.

 Activator works on 32 and 64 edition of Office 2010 and Windows 6.0 or newer.

1. Activator has following functions:
2. Activation of Office 2010 VL products
3. Activation status check of Office 2010 products
4. Trial reset for all Office 2010 products and Windows 6.0 or newer
5. Entering of KMS-Client keys for all Windows VL editions
6. Activation of Windows 6.0+ VL products
7. Activation status check of Windows 6.0+ products

Key or Serial Number :

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